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At Castillo Moro you do not have just an event room, but also a variety of rooms in the house. Each room is unique and furnished with love. The rooms are divided into single and twin rooms and there is something special for each guest or participant. Some rooms are great for couples or small families, while other rooms are designed for guests who prefer their own room. Whether it’s a celebration or a seminar,at Castillo Moro you’ll have your event with all your guests in one house. The seminar house is designed so that you can eat, sleep, and celebrate, all in one place, with the beautiful garden and terraces offering the opportunity to relax or work outdoors. The entire seminar house is divided into 4 levels, the garden, Laurel India, apartments, BellaVista and attic. Each level is equipped with rooms, kitchens, lounges, toilets and showers.



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