Dear guests!

Welcome to Castillo Moro!

In order to make your stay an unforgettable event at Castillo Moro, we have summarized the most important recommendations in this house. Please inform the group as a booking person and take responsibility for their compliance.

This recommendatios helps everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy the time here properly.

If you have any questions or any problems, please contact:

Ricardo Gomez: (+34) 634 333 380

Marie-Luise Kolitscher: (+43) 664 110 4042


So that your journey can be done comfortably, here are a few hints.

  • Check-in is possible from 4 p.m.
  • Please contact Ricardo when you arrive (see contact above)
  • Please pay the following costs in advance, but at the latest upon your arrival at the house.
  • The cost of your stay in the house (if you haven’t already done so)
  • The deposit for any damage (if agreed)
  • The deposit of 50,- € per key. If a proper handover is made, you will get back the full amount at the end of your stay.
  • Final cleaning (notfor airbnb guests):):

• for double room/per person 25,- €

• for single room /per person 50,-€

• when booking several rooms, areas or the whole house: payment by appointment

  • If you would like to use our cleaning service of the rooms during your stay, please let Ricardo know (15€/hour, payment on departure)

Note that payment by credit card is not possible for extras in house.


  • You can park in the selected parking spaces in front of the house or in the adjacent side streets. Note that the residents also park here.
  • The landlord accepts no liability for the vehicle or its content. For protection against theft, no valuables in the car should be left behind.
  • Please park your car within the specified white parking lines! The police are strict, the prices for administrative fines in Tenerife are high and if necessary the car is also towed because of a few centimetres of wrong parking.

During your stay

  • The rest periods in our house are from 22.00 to 08.00.
  • We ask you to use only the rooms you rent. Please share all other guests with which rooms are available.
  • Please turn off the light when you leave the rooms. In this way, we can save electricity and protect the environment.
  • In order to spare the furniture, please do not place the furniture of the interior in the outdoor area and leave everything in its assigned place even in the interior.


  • We love fresh air!
  • Therefore, smoking is only allowed outdoors (terraces, garden).
  • Ashtrays are avaliable. Smoking inside the building can lead to loss of the deposit.
  • The completely cooled cigarette residues can be disposed of in residual waste.

! The tenant will cover the costs for damage caused by fire stains!

Order and cleanliness

Since we rent our house as a seminar and guest house or as holiday apartments, order and cleanliness are in your hands during your stay.

  • We are happy to provide you with the usual cleaning products and utensils (included in the price).
  • If products expire during your stay, please let us know so that we can replace them.
  • Very important! Toilet paper, tampons, etc. must not be thrown into the toilet! Garbage bins are available for this purpose. Through the above things, our sewage pipes and the rooms can be flooded (old Spanish installation, for which there are no spare parts anymore). You can use the garbage at any time in the large, green garbage container that stands in front of the house.
  • The hand and bath towels must not be taken to the beach to protect them from loss and unnecessary wear and tear!
  • After one week, fresh hand and bath towels will be provided. After 14 days, bed linen will be changed.
  • If you want us to do the cleaning during your stay, this is possible for 15,- € per hour. possible.


Please note the separation of waste in our house.

• Large garbage bins are available for the garbage:

  1. in the apartment (2nd floor): on the terrace next to the kitchen
  2. in the seminar room: at the tower rise directly behind the kitchen

• Notes on waste separation:

  1. Residual waste and biowaste together
  2. Plastic and metal together
  3. Glass extra
  4. Paper extra

When the buckets are full, please take you to the following waste collection points:

  1. Residual waste/ organic waste, glass: waste bin just opposite the Castillo Moro
  2. Plastic/ metal, paper: in the “Calle Laurel”: Calle Laurel is located just before Calle Tarajal on the left, uphill, first street on the left.


Mice, rats and cockroaches are attracted by food leftovers lying around. Therefore, please remove it immediately, empty the garbage regularly and store broken food IN EVERY CASE in a closed cupboard.

  • To protect the documents, please place hot pots and pans only with coasters table or worktops. In addition, please use a kitchen board as a base, when you cut food.
  • To simplify the inventory process, please return all kitchen items to where you originally found them.
  • Please dry dishes, cutlery and pots well before you put them in the cupboard, otherwise unpleasant odours will occur!
  • Be careful not to pour leftover food into the drain. Please throw cake waste into the garbage
  • Despite extractor hoods, the cooking scents from the kitchen spread very quickly throughout the House. We therefore ask you to refrain from preparing fish and marine animals! These leaves a very intense smell. Instead, we can give you a BBQ grill, with which you can prepare your food in the garden.


In order to be able to live together safely, please note a few hints:

  • Every time guests leave the apartment, it is your responsibility to ensure that all windows and doors are closed and locked to maintain safety and avoid rain and water damage.
  • Do not pass on your key to outsiders and close the entrance door always when your are out of the house. Always take the key with you!
  • We assume no liability in the event of burglary or theft.
  • The use of candles is possible in the seminar room and on the terraces. In the Rooms, corridors and sanitary and entrance areas are not allowed.
  • Please do not leave children unattended! Injuries suffered by guests in the house are not covered by our holiday rental insurance.
  • The storage of highly flammable or harmful substances, such as propellants or explosives, etc. is prohibited without exception.


If you want to spend cosy evenings by the fireplace, then you have the opportunity to do so! Please pay attention to a few hints:

  • A basket of firewood is available for 9.00 €. Please do so when you arrive. Contact with Ricardo!
  • The fireplace should only be operated by adults! Please pay attention to safety your children.
  • The cooled ash belongs in the residual waste.
  • Waste, waste paper and waste wood must not be incinerated.

Terrace/ Balcony/Garden

  • Garden irrigation starts at 5.30 a.m. To protect the seat cushions and your personal items from rain, wind and moisture, please take them with you in the evening into the house.
  • Please close the awnings and umbrellas overnight. In strong winds, they are otherwise destroyed.


In the laundry room on the roof terrace (accessible via the stairs from the outside) there are washing machines and dryers. Please consult with the Castillo Moro team before washing! Payment is made by cash on departure.

  • These can be used for a fee of 5 € per wash/drum.
  • Detergent is next to the washing machine and is already included in the price.
  • Please do not overload or underload the washing machine/dryer.


  • If something breaks, please let us know this damage IMMEDIATELY and not only on your departure. We can then take care of a repair or replacement.
  • The tenant is liable for the damage.
  • Please do not place furniture from one room to another without first coordinating with us.
  • Please be aware that you also have the responsibility for your children.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for personal injury.

House law

  • In certain circumstances, it may be necessary for the landlord or other employees must enter the rented rooms. For example, the Gardeners regularly around the garden and occasionally have to make repairs in the house.
  • In addition, the landlords in the upper part of the house have their private rooms and will therefore be in the house more often.

We ask for your understanding. It will always be done with the permission of the tenants


  • In our house there is Wi-Fi. The password for this will be handed over to you on arrival.


The day of departure has come and we hope you had a good time! In order to avoid any discrepancies, there are a few hints on how to leave.

  • Please leave the house by 10.00 am on the day ofdeparture.
  • The house must be in good condition before your departure In addition, please:
  • Clean, dry and place dishes in place,
  • Empty and dry out of the fridge, take leftover food with you, dispose of it or give it to Ricardo,
  • Dispose of waste in the designated bins on the street.
  • Are all the doors closed before you hand over the key? Are all lights Off?
  • Are all outstanding costs paid? (possibly used cleaning of the Rooms during the stay, washing, firewood, espresso capsules etc.?)
  • The key delivery usually runs via Ricardo (depending on the departure time, please agree!)

Thank you for your consideration and understanding.


Very important!!! Please contact IMMEDIATELY with Ricardo in any case, no matter what time! He lives in Tenerife, knows very well and is also very helpful as a translator!

First aid kits can be found here:

  • Seminar room: in the stairway behind the kitchen.
  • Apartment (1st floor): in the big bathroom
  • The emergency number for ambulance, fire alarm, accident, robbery, police is the following (please specify whether you want to be connected in German, English, French or Italian): 112

Hospital, open 24 hours a day:

Hospital Universitario Nuestra Senora de CandelariaCtra. Grail.del Rosario, 145

38010 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Tel.: +34 922 602 000 (speak mostly only in Spanish, take translators with you!)

Private German doctors, also home visits possible:

Dr. Gerhard Kellner (in Tabaiba)

Phone: +34 673 443 257

Dr. Detlef Heinsch (in Puerto de la Cruz)

Phone: +34 922 388 738

We thank you for your stay with us and wish you a good trip home!

Kind regards

from your hosts at Castillo Moro

Asha, Marie-Luise, May and Yod