Candelaria on Tenerife – a picturesque place

Candelaria on Tenerife: a picturesque seaside town with culture and history


Immerse yourself in the rich history of Candelaria

Candelaria is definitely worth a visit. This picturesque coastal town on Tenerife has a lot of interesting culture and history to offer. Immerse yourself in the island’s fascinating past and explore the traces of the Guanches, the indigenous people of Tenerife. The Plaza de la Patrona de Canarias with the statues of the Guanche kings is a symbol of the island’s cultural identity and an impressive testimony to its history. Candelaria is only 10 kilometers away from Villa Castillo Moro.

Explore the sights of Candelaria

Candelaria offers a multitude of sights to discover. The Basilica of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, for example, is an important religious center and an architectural jewel that attracts thousands of pilgrims every year. Candelaria beach invites you to relax and promises a breathtaking view of the Atlantic. The promenade along the coast is ideal for a relaxing stroll and offers numerous cafés and restaurants with sea views.


Candelaria Teneriffa Panoramablick
Candelaria town in Tenerife, Islas Canarias Spain, wide panorama

Shopping and enjoyment in Candelaria

In Candelaria you will find a variety of stores, boutiques and markets selling local products, handicrafts and souvenirs. Calle Obispo Pérez Cáceres is a popular shopping street where you can find everything from handmade jewelry to traditional Canarian products. After a shopping spree, you can stop off at one of the cozy restaurants or cafés and enjoy the delicious Canarian cuisine.

Discover the culinary highlights of Candelaria

Candelaria is known for its excellent gastronomic scene, which offers a variety of culinary delights. From fresh seafood to traditional Canarian tapas, there is something to suit every taste. Enjoy a relaxed evening in one of the local restaurants and try typical dishes such as papas arrugadas with mojo sauce or grilled fish. The variety of restaurants in Candelaria will delight even the most discerning gourmets.

Candelaria as a nearby location to Villa Castillo Moro

Candelaria is just over 10 minutes away from Villa Castillo Moro. Here you can always combine shopping with a coffee or breakfast by the sea. A stroll through the pedestrian zone is also nice. And then you simply drive back to Villa Castillo Moro to relax or plan further excursions. Due to the proximity to the vacation home, our guests always enjoy taking a trip to Candelaria.


Four gastronomic recommendations for your visit to Candelaria:

Bar Restaurante Plaza – Located in the first row to the sea directly on the Plaza de la Patrona de Canarias, the restaurant offers many good dishes of Spanish cuisine

Bar Doña Pata – A rather rustic tapa bar between the pedestrian zone and the sea. Always good for breakfast.

La Casona del Vino – Located outside Candelaria, you sit in a Canarian ambience and enjoy wonderful Canarian cuisine

Heladería El Sueño – This ice cream parlor is truly a dream in the Punta Larga district


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