Tabaiba and Radazul – A wide range of leisure activities

Natural beauty and a wide range of leisure activities in Tabaiba and Radazul on Tenerife


Relaxation by the sea in Tabaiba

Tabaiba, a charming village on the coast, attracts visitors with its quiet beaches and the clear waters of the Atlantic. Villa Castillo Moro is located slightly above the sea. In Tabaiba, visitors can relax, swim and enjoy the sun. The underwater world is particularly rich and offers great opportunities for snorkeling and diving. Thanks to its sheltered location, the sea is often calm and ideal for water sports such as kayaking and stand-up paddling.

Skiten am Strand
Kitesurfing in Tenerife

Exploring the picturesque coast of Radazul

Radazul, a neighboring village, is just as attractive with its small bays and charming marina. Here, visitors can sample fresh fish in the local restaurants or take part in a boat tour along the coast. Radazul is also a popular starting point for hikes along the coastal paths, which offer spectacular views of the sea and cliffs.


Swimming at the beaches of Radazul

Playa Nea is located on the eastern side of Radazul. This beach impresses with its black sand and beautiful surf. A small beach bar sells snacks and drinks. To the west of Radazul, behind the marina, lies the Playa de Radazul. This is a landscaped bathing area. There are two small sandy bays at the side ends. Steps lead down to the sea. Here you can swim long distances, snorkel and dive. There are sun loungers for hire on site or you can simply sit on wooden planks or stone steps.

Sunset by the sea

Excursions to nearby sights

For those who like to explore the surrounding area, Tabaiba and Radazul offer a convenient location for excursions to nearby attractions. Just a 12-kilometer drive from Villa Castillo Moro in Tabaiba is Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the island, known for its historic architecture and lively atmosphere. Also nearby (22 kilometers away) is the Anaga Nature Park, a UNESCO biosphere reserve that impresses with its dense forests, steep gorges and hidden bays. Here, hikers and nature lovers can discover untouched landscapes and observe rare plant and animal species.

Dolphin sighting during the boat trip

In Tabaiba and Radazul, visitors will find the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. Both places have natural beauty and a wide range of leisure activities.

Enjoy a varied vacation or simply pure relaxation at Villa Castillo Moro.


Our three recommendations in the port of Radazul, just 4 kilometers from Villa Castillo Moro:

La Bufala de Italia – Very good Italian restaurant in the Radazul marina

Scubana Dive Center – Diving center and diving school in the marina of Radazul

Ocean Rider – jet ski rental in the Radazul marina – guided and free jet ski rides

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